The primary purpose of creating an Information System Research Lab (hereafter SysLab) is to keep Ph.D. students motivated throughout their Ph.D. journey and build a research culture. In the context of B-School, a research lab can be defined as “face to face discussion forum of the members, for the members, and by the members; wherein lab members contribute, as well as learn from each other.”

A seamless learning and research platform for PhD research scholars

To be one of the leading platform for information system research scholars, wherein PhD scholars and their guides collaborate to enhance Information System's Body of Knowledge by adhering to research ethics.

1. Trust and Relationship
2. Collaboration
3. Research Ethics 

1. Facilitate researchers a motivated research journey through self-assessment and peer feedback
2. Keep researchers updated with the state-of-art research literature in the Information System area
3. Research Collaboration

Welcome to SysLab!